GrowthCounsel represents clients at every stage of their company’s life cycle. We strive to create true partnerships from formation to exit.

Our core mission is simple. We help people build their companies and create value, wealth, opportunities and jobs along the way. We want to build great things together and empower others to do the same.

For our clients, this means helping them amplify their efforts, protecting them and using our skill sets to help them to reach their goals. We want to make the experience of working with a law firm more productive and more enjoyable. We seek to create deeper and more meaningful relationships with our clients that go beyond the traditional lawyer/client dynamic – GrowthCounsel and its clients should always sit on the same side of the table.

Be thoughtful and thorough, but smartly embrace risk and uncertainty.  That’s where good things happen.

When we started GrowthCounsel, we sought to fix three key pain points that we saw with the traditional legal services model:

  • Lack of transparency and controls on billing.  See “How We Bill”. 
  • Response times (and missed deadlines) that do not keep up with the speed of your business.  Be responsive.  Don’t be the bottleneck.  Don’t put off projects.  Be pragmatic.  Get things done.  Keep your word.  “I will get you something tomorrow” means actually getting it done by tomorrow.
  • Theoretical advice that does not solve real-world problems.  Our job is to generate actionable insights that you can deploy right away.  There’s no need to write a 10-page memo to address something that can be fixed with a 5-minute phone call (and less billable hours).

By leveraging our unique combination of big law firm, in-house counsel and startup experience, we provide real-time, pragmatic and actionable advice at a price point that adds value for our clients.

Let’s build something together.