4 Years in the Wild (Thank You All)

Today marks the 4th anniversary of my leaving the corporate world and my existence as a W-2 in the rearview mirror forever.   It feels like that time has gone by in a blink of an eye.

I’ve learned more about business than any MBA program could have taught me.  I’ve learned more about life than any philosophy course could have given me.  I’m incredibly proud that the practice has gone from a kid typing away on a laptop in the basement at 3am to a grown man that can go toe to toe with the bigger firms in the region and not give up an inch.  My first “business plan” was a scrap of paper that just said “Do great shit” on it (and probably happened after a round or two of tequila).  Although it’s grown up a little bit, I’m proud that my practice has kept the same courage and fighting spirit.

Most of all, I feel grateful.

Grateful for all the clients who took a chance on me and let me a part of their success.

Grateful for all the colleagues and great people in Philly that took the time to help me when they had nothing to be gained from it.  I will always remember that.

Grateful for all the friends and family that supported me along the way and never tried to talk any common sense into me.  For those that picked up the phone at 2am when I need to talk things through.  For those who gave me the confidence and strength to keep moving along the road less traveled when it seemed too steep and rocky to travel myself.  I can’t thank you enough; you all have my heart.

Most of all, I’m grateful every day for the opportunity to help others take that same journey.  It’s far from simple, easy or certain, but it’s a journey of great beauty, self-discovery and reward.  Nothing makes me happier than getting to watch others do great things.

Thank you all.

Here’s to many more years of doing great things, breaking the rules and rocking Wu-Tang socks to board meetings.

Rawesquire is forever.