GrowthCounsel Mission and Core Values (Costa Rica Edition)

On our recent firm retreat to Costa Rica, we sat down and really thought about who we are, what we value and what we view as our mission.  This was an incredibly valuable experience for us and we want to share the results with you.

The “Why” of GrowthCounsel.  Our core mission is simple.  We want to the make the professional lives of our clients and our team members more productive, satisfying and successful.

For clients, this means helping them amplify their efforts, protecting them and using our skill sets to enable them to reach their goals.  We want to make the experience of working with a law firm productive and enjoyable.
For internal team members, we want to make working for a law firm a professionally/personally rewarding and enjoyable experience.  We don’t want to fix the old model; we want to build a new one.  We want to help our team grow and truly feel like they add value and are valued.   It’s our job to make our teams members feel like they get more value from us than we get from them.

This mission is our North Star. Read On

Please Welcome Ted O’Connor to GrowthCounsel!

GrowthCounsel is absolutely thrilled to announce that Ted O’Connor (“Teddy O” to us) has joined the firm as our newest partner.

Ted’s legal acumen and experience speak for themselves; he gives us a breadth and depth that we could have only dreamed of a year ago.

More importantly, he is the type of person that fits perfectly with the collaborative community we are striving to build. Ted’s bio, experience and contact info are at the end of this email, but we really wanted to share our thoughts on Teddy O, the human being, and why it was important to convince him to join GrowthCounsel. Read On

5 Tips for Choosing Startup + Early Stage Counsel

The worst hiring decision GrowthCounsel has ever made.

I’ve seen this topic pop up a few times recently, so I thought it was time to write about it and distill what I’ve learned over the years into a few bullet points.  Hiring a lawyer (especially for a first time founder) can be a bit overwhelming, but having a systematic approach can do wonders. Read On

To our Clients, Partners, and Allies…


To our Clients, Partners, and Allies,

We haven’t found the right words to properly say thank you for this year but we are going to try our damnedest.

2017 was the birth of something new for us. We re-branded, re-tooled and re-launched as GrowthCounsel. The goal was not to get bigger; the goal was to get better. Although we are proud of all the strides we’ve made, we hope that 2017 was just the beginning of finding better ways to work with great people.

Over a decade ago, Geoff and I started as interns together. Being in the trenches together at a big firm was an invaluable experience. We were lucky enough to have incredible mentors and colleagues. We cut our teeth as baby lawyers and slowly found our way through those first few years. Ultimately, there was something deeply unsatisfying about practicing law under the constraints of a large firm.

Flash forward to 2018. We may be the happiest lawyers you’ll ever meet. We love what we do, how we do it and the people we are privileged to do it with. We wake up every day ready to go to battle for our clients. Read On