To our Clients, Partners, and Allies…


To our Clients, Partners, and Allies,

We haven’t found the right words to properly say thank you for this year but we are going to try our damnedest.

2017 was the birth of something new for us. We re-branded, re-tooled and re-launched as GrowthCounsel. The goal was not to get bigger; the goal was to get better. Although we are proud of all the strides we’ve made, we hope that 2017 was just the beginning of finding better ways to work with great people.

Over a decade ago, Geoff and I started as interns together. Being in the trenches together at a big firm was an invaluable experience. We were lucky enough to have incredible mentors and colleagues. We cut our teeth as baby lawyers and slowly found our way through those first few years. Ultimately, there was something deeply unsatisfying about practicing law under the constraints of a large firm.

Flash forward to 2018. We may be the happiest lawyers you’ll ever meet. We love what we do, how we do it and the people we are privileged to do it with. We wake up every day ready to go to battle for our clients.

While we’re proud of what we’ve done in 2017, we’re even prouder of what you’ve done:

We’re incredibly grateful to be a (very) small part of your individual and collective success.

We had some important moments this year as well:

  • John Kirk Esq. joined as Of Counsel to help expand our Austin, TX footprint and develop our part-time general counsel services for early stage and mid-market companies (Counsel-As-A Service).
  • The talented Ms. Lauren Hutton has come on board to help with client outreach, marketing and communications.
  • We moved into a great new office space that we are thrilled about (seriously, come visit!).
  • We were lucky enough to hire one of our incredible mentors from our younger days. We can’t share the details quite yet, but we’ll have some great news come early February. It goes without saying, we outkicked our coverage.

We’re incredibly excited for 2018 and have some ambitious plans. We’ll get bigger, but never just for the sake of it. And never at the expense of compromising our core values. We’ll continue to get better and welcome your feedback on ways we can improve. We’ll be more committed to being as agile as our clients. We’ll be selective about taking on new clients, so that you’ll always remain a priority. We’ll continue to move away from the billable hour and find better ways to deliver value to our clients. We’ll find more ways to bring our clients together and build a collaborative community so we can all help each other reach new heights.

Any firm will say this, but we actually mean it. We have the best clients. The things you’ve done (and will continue to do) inspire us. You drive us to get better. We’re proud to have earned the trust and support of such an incredible group of people.

Let’s make 2018 an amazing year.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

And, as always, ONWARD AND UPWARD!


Geoff and Ryan

Ryan Wertman