GrowthCounsel represents clients at every stage of their life cycle. Our core mission is simple:

We provide pragmatic legal support to help businesses launch, scale and grow.

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We set out to address the three biggest pain points we saw in the legal market:

  • Lawyers who overbill or don’t set clear expectations regarding costs or results. We focus on adding value, not creating more billable hours. We don’t write a 10-page memo when an issue can be resolved with a 20-minute phone call and a bit of common sense.
  • Lawyers who only give theoretical advice while ignoring real-world constraints and needs. We believe our role is to provide practical and actionable advice that can be deployed in the real world, recognizing that risk and uncertainty are inherent in everything our clients do.
  • Lawyers who can’t keep up with their clients. We are flexible and responsive, knowing that our clients can’t always wait days, weeks or months for an answer. “I will get you something tomorrow,” means actually getting it done by tomorrow.
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