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4 Years in the Wild (Thank You All)

Today marks the 4th anniversary of my leaving the corporate world and my existence as a W-2 in the rearview mirror forever.   It feels like that time has gone by in a blink of an eye.

I’ve learned more about business than any MBA program could have taught me.  I’ve learned more about life than any philosophy course could have given me.  I’m incredibly proud that the practice has gone from a kid typing away on a laptop in the basement at 3am to a grown man that can go toe to toe with the bigger firms in the region and not give up an inch.  My first “business plan” was a scrap of paper that just said “Do great shit” on it (and probably happened after a round or two of tequila).  Although it’s grown up a little bit, I’m proud that my practice has kept the same courage and fighting spirit.

Most of all, I feel grateful. Read On

3 Things I’ve Learned

I’m far from an expert but I’ve been through the fire of starting my own business from scratch and came out (relatively) unscathed on the other side.  I’m convinced that the only reason that this happened is all the incredible help I’ve gotten along the way.  There were clients who were willing to take a chance on me when my “practice” was just me running around with a laptop and equal parts ambition and determination.  There were mentors who took time out of their busy days and lives to meet for breakfast and pass along the lessons that they learned along their path.  They were friends and family who (thankfully) never tried to talk any sense into me and were supportive every step of the way.  The least I could do is pass along what I’ve been lucky enough to learn by osmosis. Read On

A New Direction for RawEsquire

It’s been 21 months since I’ve been a W-2 employee. It’s been a great 21 months. Not great in the sense that everything has been easy or that everything has fallen into place exactly the way I pictured it. Far from it. But it’s been great in the sense that 21 months ago I couldn’t fathom how much I would grow and learn along the way. How much I would learn from every challenge, every mistake and every misstep. Read On

Getting things off the ground…

I can’t believe how time flies when you’re trying to get something off the ground. The most important lesson I’ve learned about running your own business is that you will inevitably overestimate your own bandwidth by about 400%. You spend 99% of your time and energy on items that are “mission critical” in your mind and things that are simply “good ideas” can fall by the way side for way too long. Read On