GrowthCounsel Mission and Core Values (Costa Rica Edition)

On our recent firm retreat to Costa Rica, we sat down and really thought about who we are, what we value and what we view as our mission.  This was an incredibly valuable experience for us and we want to share the results with you.

The “Why” of GrowthCounsel.  Our core mission is simple.  We want to the make the professional lives of our clients and our team members more productive, satisfying and successful.

For clients, this means helping them amplify their efforts, protecting them and using our skill sets to enable them to reach their goals.  We want to make the experience of working with a law firm productive and enjoyable.
For internal team members, we want to make working for a law firm a professionally/personally rewarding and enjoyable experience.  We don’t want to fix the old model; we want to build a new one.  We want to help our team grow and truly feel like they add value and are valued.   It’s our job to make our teams members feel like they get more value from us than we get from them.

This mission is our North Star.

GrowthCounsel Core Values

    1. Do great work.  This comes before and above everything else.


    1. Focus exclusively on adding value.  Fees, hours, rates, etc. are always secondary.


    1. Be responsive.  Don’t be the bottleneck.  Don’t put off projects.  Be pragmatic.  Get shit done.


    1. Be thoughtful and thorough, but smartly embrace risk and uncertainty.  This is where the good stuff happens (for our firm and for our clients).


    1. Work with people that excite you and with whom you want to build something.  We don’t need 500 clients.  We want 50 true partners.


    1. Don’t talk ourselves up.  That’s not our job.  If we do great work and add value, we will always have our choice of clients.  If you have to tell people how good you are, then you ain’t that good yet.


    1. Focus on what matters.  Ignore everything that doesn’t.  Random events, awards, accolades don’t mean anything and take you away from client service.  Skip the happy hour and get shit done. Be selective about what you take on.  We should do fewer things, but do those things really, really, really well.


    1. Be honest, direct and transparent.  Keep your word.  “I will get you something tomorrow” means actually getting it done by tomorrow.  This is a huge part of trust and what sets us apart.


    1. Be vulnerable enough to ask great questions.  Don’t try to impress someone with how much you know about their industry.  We all have Google.  Really understand it and give a damn about them.  If you’re doing all the talking, maybe try shutting the hell up and listening.


    1. Have the courage to respectfully disagree with clients when necessary.   We are paid to help make tough decisions, not to rubber stamp things or to be someone’s justification for a course of action.


    1. Be a connector.  Go out of your way to link up like-minded people.  Great things come from that.  Never expect or want anything in return.  Worry only about what you can give to people.  Make the tide rise.


    1. Be generous.  Always pick up the tab.  Always treat people to unique and important experiences.  Take joy in being able to give those things to other people.


    1. Stay hungry.  Complacency will kill what makes us different.


    1. Have fun and appreciate the good times.  The firm and our clients work too hard not to celebrate the great moments when they are here.


  1. Get shit done.  Have we said that already?


Ryan Wertman